Frequently Asked Questions(Faqs)

What I have to do if I need additional information or have some queries to clear out?

If you need more information then you can anytime contact us by just filling up a simple and short form. You can use the same form to send your queries and suggestions to us.

Is applying with Payday Loans Hamilton a time-consuming task?

No, not at all! Applying with us is a simple, fast and hassle free affair. Just fill up a simple application form with necessary details and submit it to us.

How much I have to pay as processing fees?

We don’t charge any processing fee. We offer free of cost application.

Do you give assurance to safeguard my privacy?

Yes, we do give full assurance to you that your privacy remains intact and confidential with us. We will never share your personal details with any outsider party. All your personal information is safe and protected with us.

Can I cancel my loan application?

Yes, you can anytime cancel your application even after submitting it, without any obligation.

How much I can get?

Upon approval against your preferred choice of loan deal, you can easily get access to sufficient monetary support without any hassle.

Am I able to use offered loan money for any purpose?

Yes, of course! You can make use of offered loan finance to tackle any short term cash crisis in no time.

Is there any requirement to put an asset as a security against the loan amount?

No, there is no requirement to put any asset as a security to the lender against the borrowed loan amount.

Can I qualify to apply for loans with bad credit tag?

Yes, you can qualify to apply for any of our loan services regardless of you bad credit status. All bad credit holders are eligible to apply without any restriction.